Publishing is the term used for making content live for viewing on your Cadenza website. Learn how to Publish immediately, work on draft versions, keep pages private, or schedule publication for a later date.

Publishing Content

When you create any kind of content on your Cadenza website, you Publish it. You don’t have to make it live on your site immediately. You can save it as a draft for working on later, keep it private, or even schedule it to go live later. No matter what action you choose, they are all considered some form of…

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Content Visibility

Content that you create for your Cadenza website, doesn’t always have to be public. You can also create private pages or password protected pages. These pages are not indexed by search engines and no one can access them without the proper credentials. Visibility settings for content are made in the Publish box on your editing screen. Every type of content…

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Scheduling Content

Posts, Pages, Events and other content can be scheduled for publication at a later time. This feature is especially useful if you need to create content when its convenient, but don’t necessarily want it to appear on your Cadenza website right away. Or, perhaps you have an announcement that should only be published later, but you want to go ahead…

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