The Customizer is a powerful tool that lets you make your Cadenza site truly unique! Change your color scheme or font styles, manage your navigation menus, and manage where sections of content appear.

Customizer Overview

The WordPress Customizer is the primary control panel for defining the visual element of your Cadenza website. The Customizer sets global styles that define not only what fonts and colors you use on your website, but also how some parts of your pages are layed out, and where and when they appear. You may spend a lot of time at…

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Customizer Settings

The Cadenza Customizer provides you with an assortment of tools that allow you to edit the way your site looks, everything from font sizes and colors to the layout of your header and footer. Its a good idea to explore the Customizer tabs to get familiar with where the settings are before making any changes. Cadenza creates your site based…

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Color Schemes

If your school or organization has a color scheme based on a college or professional sports team, you can use the charts below to find the hexadecimal value for your primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Open your Customizer in another tab or window while viewing this page to add these colors to font, heading, background or highlight color settings. Make…

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Cadenza gives you access to Google Fonts to provide you with dozens of font choices for your website. Google font styles include Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwritten and Monospace varieties. The simple fact is that many of these fonts probably won’t look very good on your website, especially those in the Display or Handwritten categories. Of course, the choice to…

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Site Logos

As part of your site identity, you can replace the text site title in your header with your organization’s logo. Using your logo instead of your text title, truly makes your Cadenza website your own and makes your site easily identifiable to your members, supporters and other site visitors. Logo designs vary greatly and can be sometimes tricky to fit…

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