The following page is the same one you saw when you completed sign-up process and summarizes what you can expect to happen next, and how you can get started building your new Cadenza website.

After you receive your invitation to login as the Administrator of your new site, you'll want to take a look at the Getting Started with Cadenza page to learn how to start putting your Cadenza website together!

Cadenza Subscriptions

If you paid for your Cadenza subscription with a credit card, your payment will be processed and you'll receive a receipt of your purchase. If you submitted a Purchase Order for your subscription, we'll invoice your accounting department for payment.

Cadenza's subscriptions are billed annually. Watch for renewal reminders as your anniversary date approaches.

Your new Cadenza website

The first thing we'll do is create your new site on the Cadenza.Works network. Then, we'll send you a link to a form so you can choose your Cadenza Theme and pick your color scheme.

You'll also be able to upload your logo, so you'll need to have a file ready. Vector Illustrator or PDF files are best, but we'll also take PNG, GIF or JPG files.

We'll add a Hero image to your site to get things started, too. A Hero image is the large image often placed at the top of your home page. It should be pretty large - at least 1200 pxiels wide, so pick out a good one and upload it with the form..

We'll put everything together, and once we finish customizing your site, we'll send you a link to take a look!

Logging in to your Dashboard

When we've finished with your design, we'll send your Username and an invitation to login to your Admin Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you'll be able to update your home page text, add content pages about your group, ensembles and personnel, create your calendar, write news and so much more! We'll give you a short guided tour to help you navigate the admin area.

Building your Cadenza Site

Use Cadenza to add pages of content and use either the WordPress Editor to create content pages and news posts, or use the Page Builder to add dozens of dynamic content features like tabs, accordions, info boxes, galleries, sliders and more. Add forms, polls and quizzes, image galleries, MP3 audio clips, private pages and much, much more!

Your site on the Web

If you have your own domain name, or will be getting one, we'll show you how to use your domain for your Cadenza website, once your site is built and ready to go live!

Upgrades to Cadenza Premium

If you selected Cadenza Standard for your subscription, you can upgrade to Cadenza Premium at any time to take advantage of additional features like Event Ticket Sales, Advertising Management or Volunteer Signups. Your Premium subscription will be prorated based on your original subscription anniversary date.