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Customize Cadenza's default staff and ensemble pages to be the perfect fit for your group. Add pages to showcase your organization, communicate to personnel or promote activities.


Spread the word to members, supporters, and fans alike with news about activities, performances and accomplishments. Publish automatically to your  social media platforms with ease.


Create a rich, interactive calendar of events with rehearsals, performances, meetings and other activities. Display through multiple views and filter by group or event type.


Add photos and videos of performances and activities, or play MP3s anywhere within your website. Create fun media galleries, or just add images and video throughout your site.


Make your Cadenza theme your own by adding your organization's logo, selecting your color scheme, and more. Add pages with flexible layouts and tons of added features.


Create incredible, innovative and fun to use page layouts with complex content modules using a simple drag & drop interface. Design like a pro, without adding a single line of code! 


Customize Cadenza's sample web forms for your group, or drag & drop to build your own. Form submissions are emailed to you and also stored in the Admin for easy retrieval or export.


WordPress is the world's most popular CMS for websites and has a wealth of resources available. Learn where to find information about WordPress to get the most out of Cadenza.