Communication and information sometimes requires a hard copy document, like a form, flyer, poster or handbook. Upload files like .docs, .pdfs, spreadsheets and more to your Media Library, then add links in your website for downloading or viewing.

Adding Documents

Adding Documents to the Media Libary You can upload document files to the Media Library without creating a post or page first. This allows you to upload files to use with posts and pages later and/or to get a web link for a particular file that you can share. From your Dashboard, navigate to Media > Add New Drag and…

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Linking to Documents

After you upload documents to your Media Library, you’ll need to provide a link in order for visitors to view or download them. Unlike Images or Video, Documents are not a visual component of your page. The only way for a visitor to view or download your document is through a hyperlink to the file. When a visitor clicks the…

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