To create new a To-Do List Item, do one of the following:

  • From your Dashboard, navigate to To-Do List
  • In the To-Do List Dashboard Widget, click the Add To-Do Item link
  • From your Header Top-Bar, hover over the To-Do-List link and click the Add New To-Do Item from the drop down menu

To add To-Do List Item details do the following:

  1. Find the Add New To-Do Item section in the lower portion of the screen
  2. Select a Priority from the Priority drop down menu
  3. Select a Deadline from the date picker to complete the deadline field, or type in numeric values in the following format (2018-09-01)
  4. Select a To-Do List Category. Select one of Cadenza’s preset categories, or create your own to populate the drop down menu
  5. If you want to assign a task to a specific User or multiple Users, select them from a list of Users in the Assign To box. Select additional Users by repeatedly clicking in the Assign To field and selecting additional names. Remove a previously selected User by click inthe “x” next to their Username.
  6. For the Progress field, leave the slider at 0% unless your new item has already been partially completed
  7. Enter the Details for your To-Do Item using the Editor*
  8. Click the Submit To-Do Item button to save your To-Do List item and make it live on your Cadenza website

* The Editor is fully enabled for you to enter as much information as you would like, and format the content accordingly. It is recommended that you keep your To-Do descriptions as brief as possible, however.