Notification Bars

Grab everyone’s attention with Notification Bars that appear everywhere, or only on certain sections of your Cadenza website. Let members know about a last minute schedule change, post a reminder about an upcoming deadline, or make a special announcement that you want to make sure everyone sees. Notification bars can include social media icons and links, messages, marquees, and even expand to include Widgets!

Notification Bar Overview

A Notification Bar, sometimes called an Alert Bar, is a special element that can be programmed to appear on your Cadenza website which can contain important messages or special content, in which to draw extra attention. Use Notification Bars to alert members about special events, or last-minute schedule changes. Or add them as “calls-to-action” for directing visitors to certain areas…

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Creating Notification Bars

You can add Notification Bars based on one of 10 Pre-available Templates, or create your own Custom Template. Adding and configuring either is the same except that with Custom Templates, you have the ability to select your own colors, to match your color scheme. Notification Bars are highly customizable simply by selecting the options that you wish to include. Template Based…

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Notification Bar Settings

General Settings Enable/Disable – This important settings essentially turns Notification Bars “on” or “off”. regardless of where you have placed your Notification Bars on your cadenza website, toggling this option off disables all of them at once. Mobile Enable/Disable – This setting is important for viewers using mobile devices. Consider whether you want or need your Notification Bars to appear…

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Displaying Notification Bars

Notification Bars can appear on individual pages or posts of your Cadenza website. You can also select a Default Notification Bar to appear on your entire site, only on your home page, or on only specific pages. In order to display a Notification Bar, you will need to create and configure one first. To select and assign a Default Notification…

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