Posts, Pages, Events and other content can be scheduled for publication at a later time. This feature is especially useful if you need to create content when its convenient, but don’t necessarily want it to appear on your Cadenza website right away. Or, perhaps you have an announcement that should only be published later, but you want to go ahead and create the content ahead of time.

Check your Timezone Settings to make sure that your Cadenza website clock agrees with your local time zone. Your content will publish according to your Timezone found under the Settings menu link in your Dashboard.

To schedule a Post, Page, Event or other content for a future publication date or time, do the following:

  1. In the Publish box on your editing screen, click the Edit link for the Publish Immediately option
  2. Select a Month from the drop down menu
  3. Type a new Day in the day field
  4. Change the Year field to a different year, if applicable
  5. Set the Hour in the next field
  6. Set the Minute in the last field
  7. Click the OK button when you are finished
  8. The Publish button should now read Schedule, if your new date and time is a future date and time

Change a publication date

You may find the need to alter a publication date to a different date on content you’ve already published. To change a publication date on any previously published content, follow all of the same steps above. If your new publication date has already passed, then your Publish button will still stay Publish. The Publish button only changes to Schedule, if the new publication date and time is a future date and time.