Images, whether they are photos, logos or just graphics, play an important part in communcating your content, as well as adding visual interest. Learn how to add images to your Cadenza website, manage your library and even perform editing in the admin.

Inserting Images

This article generally covers placing images into content, such as on a page or post. Some features use different procedures for working with images – the Staff Member profile pages, for example, or many of the Content Modules. Consult those resources for more information about how images are added and used for them. Inserting Images into Page and Post Content Step…

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Adding Images

Adding Images Directly to the Media Library You can upload media and document files to your Media Library without creating a post or page first. This allows you to upload files to use with posts and pages later and/or to get a web link for a particular file that you can share. There are three options for uploading files: From…

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Editing Images

WordPress’ built-in Image Editing tool allows you to make some rudimentary, but often very useful, edits to images that you have uploaded to your Media Library. Unless you are a designer, you probably don’t have access  to tools like Photoshop, and you will sometimes need to crop or resize an image to make it work better on your pages. To…

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Featured Images

Selecting a Featured Image is often an overlooked step when creating News or Posts, but designating one is very important to how your News and Posts are presented on your Cadenza website. A Featured Image is used for the thumbnail images that display on your News, Posts and Ensemble pages. Thumbnail images provide a quick visual cue about what your…

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Hero Images

Hero Images typically appear as large banner images on your home page, but can be added to any page or post you want. They sometimes fill the entire width of your display, or just the full width of your content area. Sometimes Heros are foreground images and sometimes they are background images. No matter how you use them, Heros add…

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