Managing Menus

Menus are also referred to as “Navigation”, or “Nav Bars”. Menus contain the links to pages and sections of your website. Your Main Menu is usually found at the top of every page, but you can also create more Menus and add them to different parts of your site. Learn how to manage your main Menu and create new ones.

Adding Menus to Your Site

Your Cadenza website comes with a built-in Main Menu. This menu is used for your primary site navigation and you can add, delete or modify links as needed. You can also create additional Custom Menus for other areas of your website, through Widgets or through the Page Builder. For example, you may want to create a custom menu of your…

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Adding & Managing Menu Links

When you add pages to your website, you’ll need to link to them somewhere for people to find them. You can place a link to the page anywhere within the text of another page or post, but you may want to add the link as part of your Menu Navigation. This page explains some of the basics for adding pages,…

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