Video is always engaging and is a great way to communicate and showcase your organizations. Utilize the power of tried and true services like YouTube and Vimeo to easily embed video into any page or post.

Adding Video

Posting video’s on your organization on your Cadenza website is a wonderful way to showcase your performing groups at their best. Video is engaging, interesting, informative, fun, entertaining, and so much more! However, video files are also large; sometimes huge! Adding large video files to your Media Library will be slow and playback performance may not be optimal, hampering your…

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Video Playlist

Uploading video files to the Cadenza Media Library is generally discouraged. Video files tend to be very large and playback is much better when streamed through a service like YouTube or Vimeo. However, you can upload relatively small video files that fall under the 7.5 MB file size limit. You can also create a Video Playlist player when using the…

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