Themes and Presets

Cadenza Themes are designed for music organizations, with pre-built sections for News, your Calendar, images and more. Some have Staff blocks, Sponsor Logos and block for Feature Articles. Each Theme is uniquely designed with different color styles, font families and layouts.

Editing Your Theme

Your Cadenza Theme’s layout gives you a good foundation upon which to build, but you’ll need to swap out the default images and text to make the page your own. Every Theme is a little different, although many of them share some common elements. All Cadenza Themes are built with the Page Builder and Content Modules. Becoming familiar with these…

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Choosing or Changing Themes

If you selected a Cadenza Theme during sign-up, then your site was customized based on your color scheme selections. If you did not select a Theme, then a Cadenza Theme was selected for you as a starter Theme. You may change your Theme at any time to another Theme, however, there are some important considerations and steps that must be…

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Do-It-Yourself Themes

All Cadenza Themes have beem thoughtfully developed with the purpose of being aesthetically appealing, while also giving your home page useful, dynamic information blocks like News and Events, saving you some time figuring out how to include content yourself. However, you are completely free to build your own custom theme just the way you want it! By using the Page…

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