Communication is key to your success and its almost a full tim job itself. use Cadenza’s News feature to let everyone know what’s going on, whether its announcements to the public about a recent success, or to remind parents and members about and upcoming performance.

News Overview

In Cadenza, News is simply another Post category. Posts are fundamental to how WordPress functions, that is, they are used for creating new content for publication on your website. You can create other kinds of posts and assign them to other post categories, but for Cadenza, News serves a primary function, especially on your home page. With any music organization, it…

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Adding News

News is a place to create articles and posts about your organization, like current events, announcements, or feature articles. To create a News post, do one of the following: Click the Post News  quick link at the top of your Dashboard Navigate to Posts in your Dashboard. You can hover over the link, then click Add New Go to All Posts,…

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