The WordPress Admin, also call the Dashboard, is the brains behind your Cadenza website. Learn what each link means and what areas of your website it controls.

Admin Overview

The WordPress Administration Screen – your Dashboard – provides access to the control features of your Cadenza website. Each Admin Screen is presented in sections, the toolbar (and header), the main navigation, the work area, and the footer. Admin Tool Bar The Toolbar resides at the top of your Admin Screen and contains links to information, as well as quick-links to…

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Admin Toolbar

The Admin Toolbar displays at the very top of your browser window, above the main Admin area. You also have the option to view the Toolbar at the top of your browser window if you are viewing your live website AND are logged in as a User. You can decide if you want to see the Toolbar when viewing your…

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Quick Links

The Quick Links buttons are located at the top of your Dashboard. Quick Links provide an easy way to perform common Cadenza tasks, and include: Post News – jump quickly to the Add New screen for creating a News Post Add Events – jumps to the Add New Event screen Add Media – opens the Upload New Media screen for…

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Workspace Options

The WordPress admin area is flexible to allow you to organize your workspace to better suit your individual needs. While the default layout has been thoroughly tested to maximum efficiency, you may find that moving things around a little works better for you. Your workspace is defined by WordPress “Metaboxes”. Metaboxes are all of the little (or big) white boxes…

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Screen Options

Screen Options, displayed as a hanging tab under the toolbar, allow the user to decide what fields or modules are presented in the work area for a given Administration Screen. Each Screen may have a different set of Screen Options. Click on the Screen Options tab to expand the options available for a particular Screen, check (or uncheck) the desired…

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Help Tab

Contextual Help, displayed as a hanging tab under the toolbar, displays one or more Help items that are related to the Screen that is displayed in the work area. Click on the Help tab to expand the Help available for a particular Screen, then click the Help hanging tab to collapse the Help display. Not all features and functionality have…

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