Ensemble Pages

Your music organization is nothing without your performing ensembles. Showcase each on with its own page with descriptions, images, video or audio clips.

Ensembles Overview

As a music organization, you no doubt have Performing Ensembles. It doesn’t matter if your organization is very small or very large, your Ensembles are fundamental to what you do and you’ll want to promote them on your Cadenza website. Cadenza makes it easy to showcase your Ensembles on your site by the type of Ensembles you have and by…

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Ensemble Categories

If you have a very small organization, or an organization with only one or two Ensembles, then you might not need to create multiple Ensemble Categories. You don’t need to add unnecessary levels of complexity to your site and make getting to your performing group take longer than needed. However, even a small organization can benefit from using Ensemble Categories…

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Creating Ensemble Pages

Creating pages for your Ensembles is exactly the same as creating and regular Post. Please refer to this page for general instructions for creating posts. For Ensemble Pages however, there are a few minor differences. Firstly, you’ll need to decide if your Ensemble is an individual, stand-alone page, or will be a page that belongs to an Ensemble Category. Either…

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Adding Ensembles to Menus

There are two ways to add links to your Ensembles in your Menu. One way is to simply add links ot each Ensemble separately. This method might be preferred if you have a relatively small organization with only a handful of Ensembles. If you have many Ensembles, both large and small, or varied, then you may want to create and…

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