The To-Do List feature lets you create a manageable lists of tasks that you or other users or site visitors need to complete. This is very helpful for keeping up with all that you need to do to manage your organization, and keep track of progress and when you, or others, as you or they complete a task, all within your Dashboard, or on your Cadenza website!

You can have private To-Do Lists for other users, have all users share a To-Do List, or to have a master list with individual completion of items. The shared To-Do List has a variety of settings available. You can assign To-Do items to a specific user (includes a setting to email a new To-Do item to the assigned user) and optionally have those items only viewable by that user. Or, you could create To-Do lists that are viewable by the public or for private page, as reminders or as task lists for specific viewers. You can also assign different permission levels using capabilities. There are settings to show deadline for each task and progress fields for tracking completion.

There are also Dashboard and Sidebar To-Do Widgets for displaying To-Do lists on your website. The Dashboard Widget allow you to see and manage ALL of your To-Do Lists from the Dashboard. The Sidebar Widget can be added to any of your sidebar or your footer widget areas. On pages created with the Page Builder, To-Do Widgets can be added anywhere on any page or post.

To-Do Lists can be assigned categories. Create To-Do Categories just like you might create Event Categories, for specific groups or people, Ensembles or activity type.