When you create any kind of content on your Cadenza website, you Publish it. You don’t have to make it live on your site immediately. You can save it as a draft for working on later, keep it private, or even schedule it to go live later. No matter what action you choose, they are all considered some form of Publication.

On almost every editing screen, you’ll be presented with Publishing options. When using the Page Builder, you have a few separate Publish settings, but your post or page is still subject to the same options for Publishing your content when you click on the Edit link, instead of the Page Builder link. This article focused on the general settings and options in the WordPress Publish box found here.

Publish Box

Save Draft – Click this button to save your content without making it live on your Cadenza website. Use this option to temporarily save your content so that you can continue working on it later. You can also use this option on content that has already been published, which “unpublishes” it from public view.

Preview – Clicking the Preview button launches your page or post in its current state so that you can see what it will look like on the front end of your Cadenza website. Previewed pages launch in a new tab or window, so that you can contiune working on your content without interruption.

Status – There are two options for saving your content in Draft form:

  • Draft – simply stated, this saves the current state of your content without making it live on your Cadenza website
  • Pending Review – Still a Draft version, but use if someone else needs to review or edit your content before Publishing it live

Visibility – These settings determine who can view the content when it is Published. Published content doesn’t always have to be live on your Cadenza website. Read this article for more information about Visbility settings.

Publishing Schedule – You can Publish content Immediately (when you click the Publish button) or schedule it to publish later. To schedule your content to automatically publish later, click the Edit link. Select the Month, Day, Year and Time for your future publication, then click the OK button. Your content will then go live on your Cadenza website at the appointed day and time. Click the Cancel link to change the setting back to Publish Immediately. Read this article to learn more aboout Scheduling content.

Published On – This text will reflect the date and time your content was published. If needed, you may change this information to a past or future date by clicking the Edit link. Setting it to a future date schedules it for later publication.

Copy to a New Draft – One you have saved your content as a Draft, or Published it, you have the option to create a copy of it and save as a New Draft. This is useful if you need to create multiple copies of a page template or content type.

Move to Trash – Clicking this link will move the content you are editing to your Trash. Moving content to the Trash doesn’t delete it entirely, it just removes it from being live and showing up in your content lists. You mush permanently delete content from your Trash to remove it completely.

Publish | Update | Schedule Button

Depending on the status of your content, you will see either a Publish, Update or Schedule button

Publish – Published new content to your Cadenza website, making it live for public (or private) view

Update – Updates previously Published content, after any revisions have been made

Schedule – If you set a future date to publish your content, you’ll click the Schedule button to activate your publication