This feature allows you to easily create and manage volunteer sign up sheets for your organization. You can define four different types of events:

  • Single – events that take place on just a single date
  • Recurring – events that happen more than once (such as a weekly rehearsals, or performances)
  • Multi-Day – events that are spread across more than one day, but have different needs for each day
  • Ongoing – events do not have any dates associated with them, but are for committees or supporters that are needed on an ongoing basis.

For each of these types of events, you can create as many tasks or items as needed, and for each of these you can:

  • Specify how many items or people are needed
  • Select a start and end time
  • Pick the date (for multi-day events)
  • Add whether or not item details are needed (for example, if you want the volunteer to enter the type of dish they are bringing for a luncheon)

Each sign-up sheet can be set to visible or hidden, so that you can create sign-up sheets ahead of time, but only make them visible to the public when you are ready for them to start signing up. There is also a test mode which will only show sign-up sheets on the public side to admin users or those who you give the Management of Sign-up Sheets capability. 

Admin users can use the “live search” option on the front end sign- up form to search for volunteers. If the admin then selects a volunteer, they can sign up that volunteer.

There is a Sign-Up Sheet Widget to show upcoming volunteer events and how many spots still need to be filled for each, linked to each individual sign-up sheet. Plase the widget in widget areas or on any post or page through the Page Builder.

Sign-Up Sheets can also be exported to a CSV format file for easy import into Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

Automatic Email reminders can be set for each sign-up sheet. You can specify the number of days before the event to send the reminder emails, and there can be two sets of reminders for each sheet (for example, first reminder can be sent 7 days before the event, and the second reminder can be sent the day before the event).