The WordPress Customizer is the primary control panel for defining the visual element of your Cadenza website. The Customizer sets global styles that define not only what fonts and colors you use on your website, but also how some parts of your pages are layed out, and where and when they appear.

You may spend a lot of time at the beginning making some Customizer setting adjustments and very little time once your Cadenza website is up and running, but you may also find that you need to return to the Customizer from time to time to make small adjustments, or big changes.

To access the Customizer, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Customize
  2. The Customizer is a docked Sidebar of menu links on the left side of your screen
  3. The right side of your screen is a Preview of your Cadenza website
  4. Changes you make in the Customizer are not immediately made live on your site, so feel free to experiment with your settings until you are happy with the results
  5. You can navigate to other pages in your site in the preview window

Cadenza Theme Presets

Your Cadenza Theme has many Customizer settings already predefined, and when you signed up and selected your color scheme, we adjusted your chosen theme to match your organization’s brand. When you access your Customizer, you’ll see your colors in many of your Customizer settings.

Read this article to learn more about Cadenza Themes & Presets.

Editing Customizer Settings

You can freely navigate through various Customizer settings and make adjustment along the way. Any adjustments in one area you make are remembered as you navigate to other areas, until you click the Publish button to make your changes live.

Click a Menu link to open the settings for each option. Customizer settings vary per option and can include checkboxes, text fields, color pickers, dropdown menus, radio buttons and more. Read each option carefully and check the preview window to see the effect your changes have on your website. You may need to navigate to another page that contains the elements you are adjusting.

Use the back arrow at the top of the Customizer to navigate to additional Menu links, or to return to the main Customizer menu.

If you navigate away from the Customizer, you will get a warning message that your changes will be lost. To ensure that your changes are saved, make sure to Publish them before exiting the Customizer.

Read this article for a complete explanation of all Customizer Settings.

Saving Changes

When you are finished making changes to your Customizer settings, click the Publish button at the top of the Customizer to make your changes live on your Cadenza website. If you are making substantial changes, then it may be a good idea to publish smaller changes as you go, rather than waiting until you are completely finished.

There is no “undo” in the Customizer, and you cannot revert to previously saved settings, although some Customizer Settings allow you to revert to the default values only, not custom settings that you have made. Default values are values set in the master Cadenza theme, NOT your selected them and preset! Make notes of your selections if you need to refer to them later to restore any previous setting.

You may revert to a Cadenza Preset or the Default Presets if you wish, but your chosen color scheme selections will be overwritten and revert to the original Cadenza Theme designs.