As a music organization, you no doubt have Performing Ensembles. It doesn’t matter if your organization is very small or very large, your Ensembles are fundamental to what you do and you’ll want to promote them on your Cadenza website.

Cadenza makes it easy to showcase your Ensembles on your site by the type of Ensembles you have and by how you categorize them in your Admin. For example, if you have a organization with some large ensembles like concert bands, or full orchestras, and also some smaller groups, like woodwind choirs, or chamber ensembles, or you have an organization with mixed ensembles such as orchestras, choirs and/or bands, then you can create Ensemble Categories and then display links to these Categories on your Cadenza website.

Of course, even if you have a small organization, you will still want to showcase all of your Ensembles, even if you only have one or two. Creating a single page for a single Ensemble is as easy as creating any other page on Cadenza.

When someone wants to know more about your organization, one of the first places they’ll go is your Ensemble pages. Utilize all of Cadenza’s tools to create engaging and informative pages for all of your Ensembles. Add photos, slideshows, video, audio clips and much more. Tell about past achievements, future performances and introduce your excellent instructional staff and teachers.