Creating pages for your Ensembles is exactly the same as creating and regular Post. Please refer to this page for general instructions for creating posts.

For Ensemble Pages however, there are a few minor differences. Firstly, you’ll need to decide if your Ensemble is an individual, stand-alone page, or will be a page that belongs to an Ensemble Category. Either way, you’ll start creating your pages the same way.

To create an Ensemble Page, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Ensembles > Add New
  2. Enter a Title or name for your Ensemble in the title field
  3. Use either the Visual/Text Editor or the Page Builder to create your page
  4. Set a Featured Image for your Ensemble
  5. If you are adding your Ensemble as part of an Ensemble Category, select the Ensenble Category from the Ensemble Categories box
  6. Click the Publish button to make your page live

If you are adding only individual pages, you will need to add these pages to your site Menu in order for them to be found, or link to them from text or buttons elsewhere within your Cadenza website.

If you are adding an Ensemble Page that belongs to an Ensemble Category AND you have already added links to your categories in your Menu, then your pages will show up on the Ensemble Category page automatically. If you haven’t added links to your Ensemble Categories in your Menu, then you will need to do so in order for your pages to appear in your Menu.

Click here to learn how to add Ensembles and Ensemble Category links to your Menu.

Create Engaging Ensemble Pages

Ensemble pages play a special role on your Cadenza website, because your organization is built around your performing groups. And just as you want people to attend your concerts and performances to see your Ensembles perform, so too will you want them to visit your Cadenza website to learn more about the groups they’ve seen and heard. Your Ensembles give great performances and their pages should be representative of their quality as well.

By using the Page Builder, you have the tools to build truly creative and informative pages, mixing text and media together with ease to engage your visitors and excite them about your next performance.

Here are a few ideas you might want to incorporate into your Ensemble Pages:

About the Ensemble – Talk about the group, its instrumentation or voicing, and the kinds of music it performs

History – Tell about when the Ensemble formed, notable performances, and its evolution

Directors – Introduce the directors or staff, their credentials and provide their contact information

Awards – List the Ensemble’s awards and achievements by year

Photo Galleries – Create photo galleries of performances, rehearsals, social activities or candid shots or participants with the Page Builder gallery modules or NextGEN galleries

Video – Embed video clips or create galleries of past performances

Audio Samples – Add MP3 audio clips or create a playlist of past performances

Support Needs – List needed items or ask for volunteers. Build custom forms or add Volunteer Sign-Up Sheets

Request for Donations – Add a simple donation form. Integrate your PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.Net account (Premium Subscribers)

Upcoming Performances – List upcoming performances, or add a Calendar Widget