When a Form is filled out and submitted, Notifications are sent to site Administrators and others, and Form data is stored in the Dashboard Form area. This data is saved until its deleted and can be viewed by any uiser with Administrative access.

Viewing Form Entries

To view the Entries for a Form, do one of the following:

  • From your Dashboard, Navigate to Forms > Entries, then select a Form by its Title at the top of the screen
  • From your Dashboard, Navigate to Forms, then select the Form that you wish to edit by hovering over the Title and clicking the Entries link
  • From your Dashboard, Navigate to Forms, then select the Form that you wish to edit by hovering over the Title, then clicking the Title or the Edit link, then clicking the Entries link
  • From the Admin Top Bar, hover over the Forms option, hover over the Title of the Form you wish to view, then select the Entries link from the flyout menu

Entries Table

Since every Form contains different data, each Entries screen will display different information. Entries are displayed as a table, the column headings are the Form’s fields, the Rows are each Entry, listed in reverse chronological order. Entry data can be re-sorted by clicking any column heading. Click the column heading again to reverse the sort order.

You can select which fields (columns) to display on your screen by clicking the Select Columns icon (Gear) found at the far right of the column headings row. In the pop-up window, drag & drop to order and select which columns are displayed in the entries table. Click the Save button when finished. 

* Be careful about selecting too many columns if you have a very long form, as all data may not fit your screen width.

Entry Actions

With the exception of the Star action, the following entry actions are available per entry in the Entry Quick Toolbar. The Star action is available to the left of each entry item.

  • Star – The Star icon to the left of each entry item enables you to flag important entries. Using the filters toolbar, you can then browse all starred entries for the current form by selecting the Starred link in the filter toolbar.
  • Mark as Read/Unread – Much like email, marking an entry as read is useful when you would like to indicate that the entry has been acknowledged without having to view the entry detail view. You may also mark the entry as unread.
  • Spam – Mark the entry as spam.
  • Trash – Send the entry to the Trash. Please note, you are responsible for emptying your Trash. The Trash is not automatically deleted. Deleting entries from the Trash will delete those entries permanently.

Bulk Actions

Using bulk actions you may apply the same action to multiple entries at once. To use bulk actions you must first select the checkbox next to each entry item you would like to modify. Then select the desired action from the bulk action select box and click “Apply.”

  • Mark as Read/Unread – Mark all selected entries as read/unread.
  • Add/Remove Star – Add/remove the star indicator for the selected entries.
  • Spam – Send the select entries to Spam.
  • Trash – Send the selected entries to the Trash.
  • Resend Notifications –Resend the default entry notifications or forward the notifications on to a specified email address.
  • Bulk Print – Print the selected entries at once.

Viewing Entry Data

To view Entry Data, click a linked item in the first column of the Entries Table, or hover over the item and click the View link.

The Entry Data page will display all of the field information, choices and selected options entered or made by the Form submitter.

Entry Box  – displays the Form Entry ID, when it was Submitted, the User IP address and the Embed URL (where your form is located on your Cadenza website).

Below the Entry box, you have the option to move the Entry to the Trash, or to Edit it further, in case you need to add or edit information that was originally submitted.

You can also resend Notifications if needed. For example, if a Notification recipient says that Notification was never received, or was lost, you can resend it here.

Entry Notes – You can add Notes to the Entry page if you need to make comments, reminders or messages about the Entry, and opt to email the notes to an email address listed in the dropdown menu. You can also Print any Entry and optionally include any Notes.

The View Entry Data screen requires no action to save anything on exit, unless you chose to Edit it. You can view other Entries by navigating back to the Entries Table, or by clicking the pagination buttons at the top of the screen.