Once you have built a Survey, you’ll need to establish how your Survey is analyzed, and how you want to communicate the results.


Once someone submits a Survey, a Confirmation message will display, and if properly set up as described above, they’ll see their results and other information you’ve selected as well. Set up a Confirmation for your Survey as you would with any other Form. The Confirmation Message displays with your Survey Confirmation message and data.

The Default Confirmation for all Forms is ” Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly.” You’ll want to change this message so that it pertains to your Survey instead.


Form Notifications are Emails that are sent to let someone know that a Form has been submitted. Email notifications can be sent to the site Administrator’s email address, or any other email address, including any email captured within your Form. Set up Notifications for Survey, just as you would set up Notifications with any other Form.

Since you can create multiple Notifications for a single Form, you may want to email a simple Notification to the Administrator, but email the results to the Survey taker. You can add additional dynamic content by using Merge Tags. The Merge Tag selector is located to the right of the editor. By using Merge Tags, you can personalize the email by ising the persons name, plus display any Form data their Survey answers and Survey results.