With Gravity Forms, you can easily create online forms for a multitude of uses, from simple contact forms, to online registrations and even build simple shopping carts for selling merchandise. The drag and drop interface means that you can build a form quickly, get it online and view form entries in your Dashboard.

Creating a New Form

To create a new Form, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Forms > New Form
  2. Enter a Title for your Form
  3. Optionally enter a Description, which can be displayed with your form
  4. Click the Create Form button when finished

Add Form Fields

Gravity Forms GuideOnce you have created your new Form, you’ll be presented with a handy guide for adding Form Fields.

* Note that some options below are only for Premium Subscriptions

  1. Select a Field Type from the Field Selection Boxes. Expand each box to view the Field Type options:
    • Standard Fields – select from:
      • Single Line Text
      • Paragraph Text
      • Drop Down Menu
      • Multi Select menu
      • Number
      • Checkboxes
      • Radio Buttons
      • Hidden
      • HTML
      • Section
      • Page
    • Advanced Fields – select from:
      • Name
      • Date
      • Time
      • Phone
      • Address
      • Website
      • Email
      • File Upload
      • CAPTCHA
      • List
      • Poll
      • Quiz
      • Survey
    • Post Fields – select from:
      • Title
      • Body
      • Excerpt
      • Tags
      • Category
      • Post Image
      • Custom Field
    • Pricing Fields – select from:
      • Product
      • Quantity
      • Option
      • Shipping
      • Total
      • Credit Card
  2. Click to Add a Field – Once you’ve found the field type you want, click to add it to the form editor here on the left side of your screen.
  3. Edit Field Options – Click on the edit link to configure the various field options. Each Field type is unique and has different configuration possibilities. Expore the General, Appearance and Advanced tabs to view and consider all possible configurations.
  4. Drag to Arrange Fields – Drag the fields to arrange them the way you prefer
  5. Save Your Form – Once you’ve finished building your form, click on the Update button to save your work. You can always edit the form later.

Form Settings

Depending on your Form type and Cadenza Subscription, you’ll have different options under the Form Settings link. For example, all payment gateway settings for Premium subscribers can be found under this heading.

Form Settings

Form Settings are set for each form separately. This is different from the main Gravity Forms Settings page, which is covered in a different article. For each Form, you will set:

  • Form Basics – Add or edit the Form Title and Description
  • Form Layout – select how Labels, the Description and Sub-Label are positioned on the form relative to inputs
  • Form Button – decide if your button is animage or text, and what the text says
  • Save and Continue – gives the user the option to return to complete your Form later
  • Restrictions – you can limit the number of total entries, schedule the form to display only for a period of time, or reauire users to be logged in
  • Form Options – you can enable anti-spam honeypot and animations

Click the Update Form Settings button when finished.

Confirmations and Notifications

For each form, you’ll also set Confirmations and Notifications. Click the following links to learn how to manage these settings:

Learn How to create Form Confirmations

Learn How to manage Form Notifications