Selecting a Featured Image is often an overlooked step when creating News or Posts, but designating one is very important to how your News and Posts are presented on your Cadenza website.

A Featured Image is used for the thumbnail images that display on your News, Posts and Ensemble pages. Thumbnail images provide a quick visual cue about what your post is about, and give your archive pages a splash of color. Without thumbnail images, your post archive pages will appear very dry and text heavy.

Also, depending on your Cadenza Theme, Featured Images display on your home page News block and thumbnails or even as background images.

Choosing a Featured Image

Your Featured Image can be an image used in your Post, and usually is, but it doesn’t have to be the first image. Or, you can use a completely different image as your Featured Image. Your Featured Image should be an image that best represents the content of your Post, so that visitors will have a good visual idea about what your Post is about.

If you don’t use any images in the content of your post, you should still try to select a Featured Image. Even a well chosen clip-art file can help convey meaning and messaging and will add color and uniformity to your archive pages.

Adding a Featured Image

Add your Featured Image when you are composing a News Post, a Post or an Ensemble Page by doing the following:

  1. In the Post Editing screen*, locate the Featured Image box, usually found at the bottom of the right sidebar. If you don’t see this box, look in your Screen Options to make sure it is checked to be enabled.
  2. Click the Set featured image link
  3. The select media window will open to allow you to select an image from your Media Library. If you haven’t already added an image to your Media Library, click the Upload Files tab to add a new image.
  4. When you have selected or added your image, click the Set featured image button
  5. Click Publish to save your Post

Now when you view your News or Post archives, or an Ensemble Category page, you will see your Featured Image as the post thumbnail.

*If you are using the Page Builder, you will still set your Featured Image on the main Post Editing Screen and NOT within the Page Builder. The Edit screen is for post data such as the title, date published, category, and for setting the Featured Image. The Page Builder is only for designing the layout of your post.

Editing Featured Images

by default, WordPress will crop your Featured Image square. Sometimes this cropping cuts off an important part of your image. You can adjust the cropping of the thumbnail image using the built-in Image editing Tools.

Read this article to learn more about editing images.

Changing Featured Images

If you want to change a Featured Image to an different image, you must first remove it, since there can only be one Featured Image per post.

To remove a Featured Image, locate the Featured Image box, which should contain a preview of your image, then click the Remove featured image link. To select a new Featured Image, repeat the steps outlined above.

Featured Images for Pages and other Content

Generally speaking, Featured Images are not used for regular pages or other forms of WordPress content, although you will still see the Featured Image box available. You could create an archive of your site pages though, and if you do, your Featured Images will display as thumbnails, much like your News, Post and Ensemble pages. For the most part, you can safely ignore this feature for these types of page content.