A Notification Bar, sometimes called an Alert Bar, is a special element that can be programmed to appear on your Cadenza website which can contain important messages or special content, in which to draw extra attention. Use Notification Bars to alert members about special events, or last-minute schedule changes. Or add them as “calls-to-action” for directing visitors to certain areas of your website, for special information, or registration forms. You can add all kinds of content to Notification Bars, including links, forms, social media links and even give them their own mini headers and footers. You can even embed WordPress widgets directly into your Notification Bars, to provide additional, dynamic content. Use them sometimes, or all of the time!

Cadenza comes with 10 Pre-available Templates, or you can create your own design based on your color scheme. Each template is highly configurable to include only the elements that you need as well as special effects and animation.

You can choose exactly where you want your Notification Bars to appear – on your entire Cadenza website, or only on certain pages. You can also program them to appear always, or delay when they appear or are hidden. You can demand that visitors dismiss them each time, or let them close it just once. You can even load them on a schedule, with a start and end date.

You can create multiple notification bars and use them on different pages throughout your cadenza website, all with their own template, content and configurations or schedules.

Notification bar can be front and center, or tucked away, opened only when a visitor needs to view them. Notification Bars can be place above your page content, below it, or on the right or left sides.

View examples of all of the Notification bar configurations here.