In Cadenza, News is simply another Post category. Posts are fundamental to how WordPress functions, that is, they are used for creating new content for publication on your website. You can create other kinds of posts and assign them to other post categories, but for Cadenza, News serves a primary function, especially on your home page.

With any music organization, it is very likely that you need to communcate regularly with members, supports and the public. Having a regular, and easy to find News feed is critical to effective communication.

Home Page News Block

Within most Cadenza themes, you will have a built-in feature block for displaying your latest News on the home page of your Cadenza website. Each theme displays News a little differently, but you are free to edit the display settings or even select a different configuration from the assortment of Saved Rows found in the Page Builder.

The News Block calls recent posts from the News post category. You’ll want to assure that these settings remain intact in order for your News block to function correctly.

You will also need to make sure that you are selecting the News Post Category when you are adding News to your Cadenza website. Failing to select the News Post Category will cause your post to be unseen in your News block and won’t display on your main News page.

Depending on which Cadenza theme you use, the News items that display in your News blocks will link to the full News article by either: a link in the title, a link on the thumbnail image, a link in the text, the entire block, or some combination of any or all of the above.

News Archive Page

The main News link on your Cadenza website will display an “archive” of your News posts. The word “archive” doesn’t mean old! An archive in WordPress is simply a collection or posts, including new, current posts. The News Archive will display a listing of all of your posts, in reverse order of publication – newest first.

Your News page will display 10 posts per page, and pagination links to older and newer posts on other pages. Articles are presented in “excerpt” format, displaying the News post title, and thumbnail “featured” image, and a short text excerpt extracted from the beginning of the News post.

News items that display on the News Archive page link to the full News article by a link in the title, a link on the thumbnail image and a “Read More” link in the text.

News Posts

Full News posts articles are accessed by either link from the News Block on the home page, or by link from the News Archive page. News posts can be composed using the built-in WordPress Visual/Text editor, or by using the Page Builder tools. News posts may be fully formated content with text, images, video, audio, or with the dozens of Content Modules available with the Page Builder.

Learn more about adding News Posts.

News Posts Sidebar

When reading a News post, readers may select from your other posts whose titles are displayed in the posts sidebar. Readers can select from a short list of Recent Posts, from a monthly Archive, or by post Categories.