To add an event to your Cadenza Events Calendar do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard navigate to Events > Add New
  2. Enter a Title or name of your Event in the title field.
  3. Use either the Visual/Text Editor or the Page Builder to enter the Event Details (description) of your event, including any details that aren’t covered under the Events Calendar fields that will follow. This might include additional instructions or requirements, downloadable forms or documents, images and logos, etc.
  4. Complete the applicable fields for your Event, including:
    • Time & Date – point and click to select start and end dates and times. If the event is an All Day Event, simply check the box. The Time selectors will disappear.
    • Location – Complete all applicable information. Adding information here will create a new Venue. Venues are stored and can be reused for another event that takes place at the same location. If you already have stored Venues, you can select the location from the drop down menu.
    • Organizers – Complete all applicable information. Adding information here creates a new Organizer. Organizers are stored and can be reused for other events that are organized by the same person or group. If you already have stored Organizers, you can select them from the drop down menu.
    • Event Website – If the event has its own website, enter the URL in the field
    • Tickets (Premium Cadenza Subscribers) – Use this field to enter RSVP or Event Registration information*
      * Note – RSVP and Registrations are not used for actual ticket sales, although if your event has an associated cost, that you might collect upon arrival at the event, you can add this information to your event details. For actual ticket sales, use the Cadenza built in Events Ticket Sales feature.
  5. Enter an Excerpt, if desired. The Excerpt will replace the default snippet that will display a shortened version of the full event description.
  6. Select a Category in the Categories box. Events can belong to multiple categories. If no applicable category exist, you can create a new one by clicking the Add New Category link.
    * If you create a new Event Category, be sure to assign it a new Category Color. Category Colors are displayed with your events on your Calendar and make viewing different events easier.
  7. Add an optional Tag under the Tags box, or select an existing Tag. Tags are like “keywords” and help visitors locate content based on search terms.
  8. Click the Publish button under the Publish box at the top of the page to add your Event to your Cadenza Events Calendar.