Uploading video files to the Cadenza Media Library is generally discouraged. Video files tend to be very large and playback is much better when streamed through a service like YouTube or Vimeo. However, you can upload relatively small video files that fall under the 7.5 MB file size limit. You can also create a Video Playlist player when using the MP3 jPlayer feature.

The MP3 jPlayer Video Playlists supports ONLY MP4 files

Creating an Video Playlist

To add a Video Playlist to your site content, do the following:

  1. With your post or page editor open (WordPress Editor or Page Builder), position your curser where you would like to place your Video Playlist and tap or click your mouse
  2. Click the Add Media button
  3. Select Create Video Playlist from the options on the left sidebar in the Add Media screen (the title will change to Create Video Playlist when selected). Your Media options will change to only video formatted files.
  4. From your Media Library, select all of the MP4 files you’ve previously added that you want as part of your Playlist, or click the Upload Files tab to select files from your computer or device.
  5. Once you have selected or uploaded your files, click the Create a New Playlist button.
  6. On the Edit Video Playlist screen, you can drag and drop to reorder the tracks. You can also adjust the Playlist Settings such as:
    • Show Video List
    • Show Images
  7. Click the Insert Video Playlist button when finished.
  8. Your Video Playlist will be added (embedded) into your post or page. Click the Preview button to view your post or page.
  9. Click the Publish or Update button when you are finished editing your page.