You can add a Form to a page or post through the Editor, or via Page Builder Content Modules.

Adding a Form through the Editor

To add a Form to a page ort post using the Editor, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to and open to the page or post you want to add the Form to
  2. Position and click your mouse or tap where you want to add your form in your post or page
  3. Click the Add Form button, found above the Editor tools
  4. In the Insert a Form window, select a Form from the dropdown menu
  5. Select to optionally Display the Form Title
  6. Select to optionally Display the Form Description
  7. Select to optionally Enable Ajax
  8. Click the Insert Form when finished

Forms are embedded into the content Editor via a “shortcode”, a bracketed string of code that just references the form and parameters. You wont’ see your actual Form in the editor. 

Click the Preview button to view your Form in your page or post. Click the Publish / Update button to publish or update your page or post.

Adding Form through the Page Builder

When using the Page Builder, you can add forms to your pages or posts through one of the following Content Modules.

  • Cadenza Modules – Gravity Forms Styler
  • PowerPack Modules – Gravity Form

Both Modules above apply custom styles to your Gravity Form, in slightly different ways. Explore each option and use the one you are most comfortable with!