The Sign-Up Widget can be added to any widget area, or if using the Page Builder, any post or page on your Cadenza website. Use the Sign-Up Widget to display your current volunteer requests and let people sign up to fill your volunteer needs, tasks or items needed.

You can find the Sign-Up Widget under WordPress widgets. It is called “PTA Volunteer Sign-up Sheet List“.

Learn how to add widgets to your widget areas or through the Page Builder.

Configuring the Sign-Up Widget

Title – Enter the title for your Sign-Up Widget. If you are placing the widget in a global location, such as a Widget area on your site such as a Footer Column or your sidebar, then you should use a general title, such as “Current Volunteer Opportunities”. If you use the Page Builder, then you can place the widget on multiple posts or pages, each instance having its own settings and title, so you can be more specific. For instance, if you create an Events Details page using the Page Builder for a special event and you need volunteers, then you can add the Sign-Up Widget to your details and give it a title unique to that event.

# of items to show – Enter a number of open Volunteer Items, or enter “-1” to show  all of them.

What to show? – Choose to show Volunteer Events with Sign-Ups, Volunteer Events without Sign-Ups (display only) or Both

Sort By – Select First Date, Last Date, Title or Sheet ID

Sort Order – Choose Ascending or Descending

CSS Class for UL list of Sign-Ups – Leave this blank unless you are knowledgeable in CSS and need to customize the styling.