If your organization is like most others, you probably have a support organization, or at the very least, a volunteer who helps you organize events and coordinates other volunteers. With Cadenza, you can assign additional users, who can login, create and manage all of your Volunteer requests for you. This is a limited Administrator Role, and they can’t access everything on your Cadenza website, but they can help take some of the burden off of you when it comes to requesting volunteers and coordinating tasks and needs.

To assign a User the role of Sign-up Sheet Manager, do the following:

First, add a User to your Cadenza website, by following these instructuions. If the person is already a registered user, then reassign their role as follows:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Users > All Users
  2. Click the Name of the User or click the Edit link under the User’s name that you wish to edit
  3. Locate the Role dropdown menu, located just above the First Name field
  4. Select Sign-up Sheet Manager to assign to this User
  5. Scroll down the page and click the Update User button

If the user is already logged in, they will need to log out, then log in again in order for their new User Role to be in effect.

*** Users may only have a single Role. The Sign-up Sheets Manager role is very limited, so do not assign someone who would otherwise be an Administrator to the role of Sign-up Sheet Manager, or else they will not have other administrator capabilities. All Administrators have Sign-up Sheet management capabilities as well.