Posts content pages are fundamental to how WordPress works. Posts are different from Pages in that Posts are hierarchal, related content, like a blog, or collections of lessons, or articles about related subjects, like composers, or performances you’ve given. Pages are generally stand-alone pages of content.

Posts are organized by Categories. each category should represent a different collection of posts or articles.

Cadenza provides you with a single post category called News. Posts written under the News category likely display in some manner on your site’s home page and also under the main News link in your navigation menu.

By default, WordPress includes an additional category named “Uncategorized” this category is the catch-all for any posts for which you fail to assign a category. If you forget to choose a category, your post will be assigned to the Uncategorized category! You can edit the post at any time to reassign it to the category you wanted.

Hint – if you create a new News post and you don’t see it display on your home page on your News page, check to make sure that you chose the News category when you published your post!

You can create additional categories and create collections of posts for those categories. Here are a few suggested new Post categories:

  • Director’s Blog – write articles yourself for members, supporters, or site visitors
  • Travel Log – write daily posts as your group travels on performance tours
  • Rehearsal Tips – compose posts to give instructional guidance on music that you are preparing
  • Assignments – provide members with daily or weekly practice assignments
  • Staff Blog – communicate with your staff and personnel internally and archive your communications
  • Meeting Minutes – have your recording secretary enter your meeting minutes into your site for easy sharing and review

Posts can be made public, by adding a link to the post category in your site’s navigation menu, or private, only accessible by a sharing the address, with or without password protection.

Posts are archived and sorted always by latest post first, both in your Dashboard and on your site’s archive pages. An archive page is simply a rendering of your latest posts. Archive pages display 10 articles per page, with pagination to view older and newer posts in a category.