The Poll Widget can be added to your Sidebar, Footer Widgets or in any row or column when using the Page Builder. You can place multiple Poll Widgets throughout your Cadenza website in widgets areas or on multiple pages.

Add a Poll Widget as you would any other WordPress Widget. More detailed instructions for adding Widgets can be found here.

Configuring the Poll Widget

Once a Poll Widget has been added to a widget area or on a page or post through the Page Builder, you can customize the appearance of the Poll Widget and make alternate selections for what information will display.

To set or edit the Form Widget configurations in the widget area, do one of the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Widgets
  2. Expand the Widget Area where you have placed the Form Widget
  3. Expand the Options by clicking the little down arrow located to the left of the Form name
  4. Enter the Title of your Poll (“Poll” is the default placeholder)
  5. Select a Poll from the Select a form dropdown menu
  6. Select a Display Mode. Choose from: Poll or Results Only
  7. Select to optionally Display the Form Title
  8. Select to optionally Display the Form Description

Click the Save button when you are finished configuring your Form Widget.