The Homepage of your Cadenza website is prime advertising real estate! If you are selling ad space on your site (and you should), then you would demand a higher price for this coveted location. Ads placed here will be seen more often than on most other pages. If you only have a few advertisers, then you would probably want to display all of them on the homepage, even if you don’t charge premium rates.

Homepage Ads display at the bottom of your page, just above your site’s Footer and Footer Columns.

To place ads on your Homepage, do the following:

  1. First, create a New Ad by following the instructions outlined on the Creating & Placing Ads post.
  2. Then under the Ad Groups & Rotations box, select Homepage from the Ad Group list.
  3. Click the Publish button when you are finished.

You can display as many as three ads at one time across the bottom of your Cadenza website, as many ads as you want can be randomly displayed.

* It is possible to display more than three ads at a time. Ads will continue to fill the full width of the browser window, then wrap to a new row when filled. This is not the optimal display setting as the ad rows will exceed the standard content width of your site and increase your page height. It is highly recommended that you limit the number of ads displayed to three at a time.