Events Settings allow you to make certain modifications to how your Events Calendar displays and functions with your Cadenza website. Expore the various settings tabs to familiarize yourself with where the settings are located and how they affect your Calendar display and functionality.

Most of the settings fields are self-explanatory, or are clearly notated, but below are some of the highlights.

* Note: you may see promts to acquire add-ons or additional plugins. These prompts are advertisements built into the Events Calendar by Modern Tribe, The Events Calendar provider. As a Cadenza subscriber, you are not permitted to purchase or install add-ons or additional plugins.

To adjust your Events Settings, navigate to Events > Events Settings

General Settings Tab Highlights

  • Change the number of Events that show per page. The default number is 10.
  • Change settings for recurring Events, such as limiting the number that display in lists views or activating a toggle to allow users to limit the number of Events they view.
  • Set the number of months that Recurring Events in advance and the amount of time when Recurring Events will be automatically removed
  • Enable Google maps for venus and several maps settings

Display Settings Highlights

  • Set the master style sheet for the Calendar view
  • Enable the various view capabilities such as List, Month, Week, Day, Map and Photo
  • Select the default view for your Calendar
  • Select a default view for mobile devices
  • Set the number of Events to display for each day

Default Content Settings Highlights

  • Set default selection for Organizers
  • Set default selection for Venues
  • Selt a default Address for Venues

Additional Fields 

  • Use these settings to add additional fields to your Add Events Form. This extends your functionality when creating Events where you find the need to add additional information to all or most of your Events.

Filters Settings

  • The settings below allow you to enable or disable front-end Event filters.
  • Drag and drop active filters to re-arrange them.

Category Colors

Other Settings Tabs

In general, you should ignore the following settings tabs and DO NOT make any changes. These tabs contain information that enables your Calendar to function normally.

  • Licenses
  • APIs
  • Imports