Event Categories

Events should always be assigned to different categories to make it easier for visitors to identify certain events and to make it easier for you to manage your events list in the Dashboard.

Cadenza has some preset categories already defined for you. Many of your events will likely fall into one of these categories:

  • Rehearsal – any kind of rehearsal, section or full ensemble, individuals, small groups, etc.
  • Performance – concerts both public and private, large and small alike
  • Meeting – gatherings for general business of members, supporters, administration, staff, etc.
  • Fundraiser – any activity organized to help fund your organization
  • Travel – trips that may involve performances or activities, for business or just for fun
  • Activity – any general activity that doesn’t fall into any of the above classifications
  • Holiday – any day designated an an official or unofficial holiday, especially those that conflict with your organization’s activities

You may find it more effective for your organization to identify Event Categories by Ensemble, instead of event type. For example, you could rename your categories: Band, Orchestra and Choir, or Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. Use a system that works best for you and rename any category as needed!

To help distinguish these different types of events, categories can be color coded to make them stand apart on your calendar views. These colors may be edited to suit your needs.

You can create as many new categories or sub-categories as needed. If you create a new Event Category, make sure to assign a new color so that it will display properly on your calendar.

Event Tags

Event Tags can be used to further help identify and distinguish events, typically to aid when your website content is searched. For example, suppose you created an event for a Percussion Ensemble Concert. You could easily assign the concert to the Performances category. The concert would display on your Events Calendar, and would be color coded for Performances. If you also tagged the event with the word “percussion” then the event would also be found if someone were to type the word “percussion” into your search field. In fact, any content tagged with the word “percussion” would be returned, including Ensembles, News, and Percussion Staff as well and any events with the “percussion” tag. This helps your site visitors find all related content that may be of interest.

Adding tags can often be overlooked, but consider the added value to your visitors by accurately adding tags to much of your content, including Events.