If you want to manually send an email to volunteers, you canuse the Email Volunteers feature.This convenient feature automitically retrieves email addresses for everyone currently signed up for any event, saving you from having to import names and email addresses per event into another email program.

This simply set-up needs minimal information to work. TO send an email to Volunteers, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Sign-Up Sheets > Email Volunteers
  2. Select the Recipients for your email. Select a sheet to email all volunteers currently signed up for that sheet, or select “All Sheets” to email ALL volunteers currently signed up for ANY sheet.
  3. Enter a From Name. By default, it will be your Administrator name, but can be changed it to someone else.
  4. Enter a Reply To email address. By default, it will be your Administrator email address, but can be changed to another address.
  5. Enter the Subject of your email.
  6. Type your Message.
  7. Send Individual Emails? Check this to send a single individual email to each volunteer (along with a copy to yourself). Leave un-checked to send one email to yourself with all volunteers added as BCC recipients.
  8. Click the Send Email button when you are finished

A copy of your email will also be sent to your registered Administrator email address.