To create a new Ad and place it on your Cadenza website, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Advanced Ads > Ads
  2. Click the New Ad button at the top of the page

Manual Ad Setup

Note – If you are creating ads for your Homepage, you only need to assign it to the Homepage Group in the Ads & Rotations box. Placement, alignments and margins are preset for Homepage ads.

  1. Enter the Title of the ad in the Enter title here field
  2. Click the Add a Description button to enter an optional Description. The description is for internal use only.
  3. Select the Ad Type. Set the Ad Parameters will update depending on your selection:
    • Plain Text  and Code – Any ad network, Amazon, customized AdSense codes, shortcodes, and code like JavaScript, HTML or PHP.
      Insert plain text or code into the text field. Leave Allow PHO and Allow Shortcodes unchecked. Set the pixel width and height for the ad space.
    • Dummy – Uses a simple placeholder ad for quick testing.
      Optionally insert an URL. The placeholder ad displays in the parameters box.
    • Rich Content – The full content editor from WordPress with all features like shortcodes, image upload or styling, but also simple text/html mode for scripts and code.
      Use the WordPress editor to create your ad content. Set the pixel width and height for the ad space.
    • Image Ad – Ads in various image formats.
      Click the Select Image button to choose an image from your Media Library or upload an image from your computer or device. You image will display in the parameters box. Enter the target URL (or email address). The size of your image will update in the Size fields.
    • Ad Group – Choose an existing ad group. Use this type when you want to assign the same display and visitor conditions to all ads in that group.
      From the dropdown menu, select an Ad Group that you’ve previously created. Set the pixel width and height for the ad space.
    • AdSense Ad – Use ads from your Google AdSense account
      Copy the ad code from your AdSense account, paste it into the area below and click on Get details.
  4. Layout / Output
    • Position – Select to align the ad Left, Center or Right and opti to not allow elements to flot around the Ad
    • Margin – Enter pixel values to add margin around your ad
    • Container ID – Specify the ID of the ad container (optional). Leave blank for random or no ID.
    • Container Classes – Leave this option empty
    • Enable Debug Mode – Leave this option unchecked unless oyu experience display issues
  5. Display Conditions – Select a Condition from the dropdown menu.Watch the instructional video for more information
  6. Visitor Conditions – Visitor conditions limit the number of users who can see your ad. There is no need to set visitor conditions if you want all users to see the ad. Select a Condition from the dropdown menu.
  7. Ad Stats – Ad Stats are not available at this time
  8. Ad Groups & Rotations – To add your ad as part of an Ad Group or Rotation, select it from the list in the Ad Groups & Rotations box
  9. Click the Publish button with you are finished.
  10. Placement – Select where you want the ad to display from the graphic examples.
  11. Click the Update button when finished

Setup Wizard

This Setup Wizard takes through all of the steps below, but guides you along the way to make sure that you don’t accidenatlly skip an important step. Both methods create new ads, but you may feel more comfortable following the Setup Wizard.