The Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On allows you to quickly create Quizzes that are automatically graded or scored when the form is submitted.

Pose questions for visitors and let them select answers by check boxes, radio buttons or dropdown options, then let the form do the grading for you, giving instant feedback or overall results. Quiz data is stored in your Admin and results are compiled and analyzed automatically.

Ideas for Quizzes:

  • Composers – name, period, famous works, country, influences
  • Musical Periods – dates, order, notable composers
  • Musical Styles – match period, composers, notable compositions
  • Music Theory – chord structures, harmonies, phrasing, rhythm, melody
  • Music History – composers, periods, notable compositions, styles
  • Information about music you’re rehearsing  – key signatures, time signatures, dynamics, style, composer/arranger, etc.

Creating the Quiz

A Quiz is just part of a Form. Start by creating a form as you would any other.

Decide which non-Quiz fields you want to include with your Form. If you just want a simple fun Quiz, and it doesn’t matter who takes your Quiz, or how many times its taken, then you may only need the Quiz fields themselves. However, if you want to collect names and email addresses, or other data, then you’ll add those fields to your form as well. Adding these fields is also important if you want to send the results back to the Quiz taker.

Adding The Quiz Field

You can add as many Quiz Fields as you want. Each Quiz Field represents a single question, so if you have 10 questions, then you would add 10 Quiz Fields. 

To add a Quiz Field, do the following:

  1. With your Form open in the Form Edit Screen, expand the Advanced Fields options.
  2. Drag & Drop the Quiz fields from the options into your Form, where you would like your question to appear. You can move it later if needed.
  3. Click on the new Untitled Quiz Field in your form or click the triangle icon to open the configuration options.

General Configuration

Configure your Quiz Question as follows:

  • Quiz Question – Enter the question you would like to ask the user. The user can then answer the question by selecting from the available choices.
  • Field Description – Enter the description for the form field. This will be displayed to the user and provide some direction on how the field should be filled out or selected.
  • Quiz Type – elect the field type you’d like to use for the Quiz. Choose radio buttons or dropdown if question only has one correct answer. Choose checkboxes if your question requires more than one correct choice.
  • Quiz Answers – Enter the answers for the Quiz question. You can mark each choice as correct by using the radio/checkbox fields on the right. Click the “+”  or “-” icons to add or remove more choices.
  • Weighted Score – Weighted scores allow complex scoring systems in which each choice is awarded a different score. Weighted scores are awarded regardless of whether the response is correct or incorrect so be sure to allocate higher scores to correct answers. If this setting is disabled then the response will be awarded a score of 1 if correct and 0 if incorrect.
  • Randomize Quiz Answers – Check the box to randomize the order in which the answers are displayed to the user. This setting affects only the Quiz front-end. It will not affect the order of the results.
  • Enable Answer Explanation – Activate this option to display an explanation of the answer along with the Quiz Results.
  • Required Field – Select this option to make the form field required. A required field will prevent the form from being submitted if it is not filled out or selected.

Add as many Quiz Questions as you want. Each Question can be differently configured and total scoring is based on all combined questions in your Form.

Save Your Form – Once you’ve finished building your form, click on the Update button to save your work. You can always edit the form later.