Using the Advanced Ads, you have the ability to post ads on your Cadenza website. Selling ad space is an excellent way to help fund your organization, with low output and excellent return.

The Advanced Ads feature is very robust, which means you have many options for ad creation, posting and managing ads. Detailed instructions for utilizing this functionality can be found at the Advanced Ads Website.

Most of the support found on the Cadenza website will focus on banner ads only.

Advanced Ads Capabilities

Create and Manage Ads

  • create and display unlimited ad units
  • rotate ads
  • schedule ads and set expiration dates
  • target ads by content
  • inject ads into posts and pages automatically without coding

Ad Types

Choose between different ad types that enable you to:

  • insert code for any ad and affiliate networks (e.g., AdSense, Chitika, Amazon, BuySellAds, DoubleClick,, … )
  • dedicated support for all types of Google AdSense banners, including Responsive, InFeed and InArticle ads
  • display images and image banners
  • create content-rich ads with the WordPress editor

Display Ads

  • use shortcodes to place ads manually in post content
  • show ads in sidebars and widget areas
  • disable all ads on specific pages
  • display multiple ads (ad blocks)
  • display a customizable label, e.g., “Advertisements” above each ad

Display Conditions

Show ads based on conditions like:

  • individual posts, pages, and other post types
  • posts by category, tags, taxonomies, and author
  • archive pages by category, tags, taxonomies
  • special page types like 404, attachment and front page
  • hide ads on secondary queries (e.g., posts in sidebars)
  • display or hide banners within the post feed
  • hide all ads from specific page types, e.g., 404 pages, feed
  • hide ads from bots and web crawlers

Visitor Conditions

Display ads by conditions based on the visitor:

  • display or hide a banner by device: mobile and tablet or desktop
  • display ads by geolocation with the Geo Targeting add-on
  • display ads by browser width with the Responsive add-on

Ad Injection | Placements

Placements to insert ads in pre-defined positions in your site and content:

  • ads after any given paragraph or headline
  • ads at the top or bottom of the post content
  • ads before closing tag
  • ads in the footer

Mobile Devices

  • display ads for mobile and tablets or desktop only
  • display responsive image ads
  • ads for specific browser sizes only using Responsive Ads

Google Adsense

  • supports all AdSense ad types, including AdSense display ads, AdSense link units, AdSense In-feed, AdSense In-article, and AdSense matched content
  • change type and sizes of an ad without going into your AdSense account
  • optional limit to 3 AdSense banners
  • hide AdSense advertisements on 404 pages by default (to comply with AdSense terms)
  • insert AdSense verification and AdSense Auto Ads
  • Ad Health integration and AdSense violation checks
  • option to make the AdSense background transparent

Ad Blocker

Basic features to prevent ad blocks from being removed by AdBlock and others:

  • prevent ad blockers from breaking sites where plugin scripts are running