The Advanced Ads Widget allows you to add Ads to any widget area like your sidebar or footer columns, or if you use the Page Builder for page or post content, drop the Advanced Ads Widget into any row or column.

The Advanced Ads Widget lets you pick any single Ad to display, or you can display Ad Groups. With Ad Groups, All Visible Ads in the Ad Group will display, according to the number set under the Advanced Ads > Groups & Rotation settings.

Add the Advanced ads Widget just as you add any other Widget.

Configuring the Advanced Ads Widget

Title – Enter the title of your Advanced Ads Widget (optional)

Ads or Ads Group – from the dropdown menu, select from the list of your Ad Groups, or select any single Ad from the list

Click the Save button when finished.

You can add many instances of the Advanced Ads Widget, each with its own settings, title and ad  selections, but use caution when trying to manage all of your ads in this manner. If you want to place ads throughout your Cadenza website, it is probably better to manage them from with in the Advanced Ads management area itself, which gives you more centralized control over where and how you ads appear.