If you utilize a Saved Row or Page Builder Content Module to display Sponsor Logos on your Sponsors Page, then it will be easy to add image files, and links to sponsor’s websites or email addresses. There are plenty of template options to choose from or you can design and build your own layout using the Content Modules:


  • PowerPack Logo Grid & Carousel Module – this module lets you design either a Grid or a Carousel to display multiple Sponsor Logos in a small space
  • Standard Photo, Cadenza Photo & PowerPack Image Modules – build your own grid by adding single images
  • Standard Gallery, Cadenza Photo Gallery & PowerPack Photo Gallery Modules – typically used for photo galleries, but will also work for Sponsor Logos
  • Cadenza Image Carousel & PowerPack Carousel Modules  – creates a carousel for displaying multiple Sponsor Logos in a smaller space


These grid layout s are a great way to get started. Drag and drop them onto your page and swap out the logos for your own. Most of these saved rows use the same Content Modules above, but are already pre-configured for you.

  • PowerPack Templates (6)
  • Cadenza Templates (20)

Cadenza Theme Templates (Saved Rows)

These grid layouts are extracted from the Cadenza Themes.

  • Aaron Sponsors
  • Gustav Sponsors
  • Leonard Sponsors
  • Ludwig Sponsors
  • Wolfgang Sponsors

Adding Your Sponsor Logos

It is best to add all of your Sponsor Logos to your Media Library first and make sure all have been resized or cropped to similar dimensions.

No matter which metheod you choose, adding Content Modules or utilizing samed rows an templates, you’ll need to add images or swap out placeholder images with those of your own. Once you add your module or template, use the Page Builder tools to select and edit each module as needed.

Photo Modules are edited desperately, while logo grids, galleries and carousels manage all images together, since they interact with each other.

Whenever promoted,click the Edit Logo or Edit Image links to enter the Replace image mode in the Page Builder, then select your own Sponsor Logos from your Media Library. Add Titles and Links as needed. Save and Publish your Sponsors Page when you are finished.