Nearly every feature on your Cadenza website uses the WordPress Visual/Text Editor. And if you are using the Page Builder, then the same Visual/Text Editor is included as a Content Module or is included as part of other Content Modules.

In the Editor, you can compose or paste the content for your page, post, or event description. The editor has several alternate tool sets, depending on your skills level or needs. Most users will be comfortable using the built in Visual Editor, whereas expert users might find the Text Editor useful.

Visual Editor

The WordPress Visual Editor uses the  TinyMCE editor. If you are familiar with using any word processing application like MS Word or Google Docs, then you’ll be able to use the Visual Editor to create and mark up content with relative ease. You’ll recognize many familiar tools for making text bold or italic, creating numbered and unordered lists and aligning text left, right or centered on the page.

The markup is fairly straightforward, and your Cadenza Theme takes care of much of the styling automatically, so there is little to no need for changing text size or colors, although you do have the freedom to do so. Use caution! Your site will usually look more professional if you allow your theme to style your content automatically so that it matches the rest of your website. Preview your work before you publish, to make sure that you’re satisfied with the way your page will look. The Visual Editor gives you an approximation at best. Always check your pages through the preview feature to be sure your getting what you wanted.

Text Editor

If you are comfortable working with a little HTML, then the Text Editor will give you more control over your layout. WordPress creates some of the more common HTML tags like the paragraph tags so you don’t have to, keeping your markup up a little cleaner. But even the Text Editor provides you with some basic markup tools in a simplified tool bar.

Even if you aren’t familiar with HTML, you might find it necessary at times to use the Text editor to embed some code for things such as video links.