On your Dashboard Home screen, you will find the To-Do List Dashboard Widget. If you don’t see it, check your Screen Options tab to make sure that To-Do List is checked.

The To-Do List Dashboard Widget gives you quick access to view outstanding To-Do List Items. For each item, you will see:

  • Check Box – used to mark the item as Completed
  • Item – the full task or reminder as it was written
  • Category – the To-Do List Category to which the item was assigned
  • Deadline – the expected completion date or due date
  • Progress – displayed as a percentage
  • Added By – if activated, shows the Administraor who added the Item
  • Edit – a link after the item. Click this to make any desired changes, then click the Save Changes button when finished.

To-Do List Dashboard Widget Actions

Within this widget you can do the following:

  • Check the checkbox next to any To-Do Item to mark it as Completed
  • Click the Edit link after any To-Do Item to update or alter the information, including item Details, Assigned User, Deadline or to track Progress
  • Add a To-Do Item. Click the link at the bottom of the box to go to the Add To-Do Item screen.

Configure the To-Do List Dashboard Widget

You can customize the appearance of the To-Do List Dashboard Widget and make alternate selections for what information you see. To reconfigure the To-Do List Dashboard Widget, position your mouse near the up arrow on the right side or the widget Title Bar. A hidden Configure link will appear. Click the Configure link to:

  • Change the Heading from “To-Do List” to something else. Personalize it for yourself or your organization, or change it to something more fun or interesting!
  • Set the Number of Items you want to view from All to only 1, 5, 10, or 15
  • Choose to Show (Yes) or Not Show (No) the Items’ Deadlines
  • Choose to Show (Yes) or Not Show (No) the Edit Link
  • Choose to Not Show (No) or Show (Yes) Completed Items (this list may be very long if decide to Show Completed Items)
  • Opt to show only certain Categories by checking their names from the list (may be helpful as a way to excclude some categories here)
  • Choose to Not Show (No) or Show (Yes) the Added By User Name (if you have multiple Administrators adding To-Do Items, it might be helpful to change this setting to Yes)

Click the Submit button when you are finished configuring your To-Do Dashboard Widget.