You can create categories for your To-Do Lists to make it easier for you to identify certain tasks or reminders for different purposes, groups or people. Categories can be Public, meaning that they can be viewed by any logged in User or on your Cadenza website, if you plcae them on your posts and pages. Private categories can only be seen by Administrative users, not through Widgets placed on your site.

Cadenza includes some preset To-Do-List Categories already defined for you. Many of your To-Do-List tasks will likely fall into one of these categories:

  • Administrative – organization, record keeping, fundraising, bookkeeping, purchase orders, calendar
  • Publicity – website maintenance, social media postings, advertising
  • Support – communications, meetings, planning
  • Academic – grading, evaluation, lesson plans, member records
  • Instruction – curriculum, materials, lesson plans, goals
  • Members – communications, organization, meetings, activities, directions, homework
  • Rehearsal – score preparation, music purchases, instrument procurement
  • Performance – organization, scheduling, communications
  • General – miscellaneous tasks that don’t regularly fit into any other category

*** All Cadenza preset To-Do List Categories are set to PUBLIC by default. To Edit a To-Do List Category’s visibility, and set it to PRIVATE, see the instructions below.

Adding To-Do List Categories

You can create additional To-Do List Categories, or Edit the preset Cadenza To-Do List Categories as needed.

To create a new To-Do List Category, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to To-Do List > Categories
  2. All Existing Categories display on lower portion of your screen
  3. Enter the Name of your new Category in the Category Name field
  4. Select either Public or Private as the Visibility for your new Category
  5. Click the Submit button when you are finished.
  6. You can continue to add more To-Do List Categories on this screen. Just continue to add the information above and click the Submit button each time.

Editing To-Do List Categories

You may edit your post category names at any time by navigating back to the To-Do List > Categories screen. Click the Edit button to edit the Name or change the Visibility setting for the Category. Click the Save Changes button when you are finished to save your changes.