The Staff Profile Template displays individual Staff Member’s information, including their name, photo, category, title, contact information and biography.

The Staff Profile page is created through the use of a WordPress “shortcode”. A shortcode is a bracketed string of code that embeds content into the Staff Profile page is represented by a unique shortcode like this:

[abcf-staff-single id=”129″]

The shortcode dynamically displays all information that you enter for each Staff Member, and displays it on your page, in a pre-formatted layout (template).

Your Staff Profile page can be found by navigating to Pages > All Pages, then locating the – Staff Profile page, nested under your Staff page.

DO NOT EDIT this page, delete it, or alter the short code.

Create Your Own Staff Profile Page

If you want to create your own custom Staff Profile Template, consult the documentation that accompanies the plugin. For more information on creating your own Staff Profile Template, navigate to Staff List > Admins-Help, or consult the plugin website at Staff Profile Pages here are referred to as Single Pages.