Cadenza includes three Staff Page Templates. Staff Page Templates display a list or grid of your teachers, directors, personnel, etc – anyone that you add assign a Staff Member Staff. Each Staff Member listed displays important information including their name, photo, department, title, phone number, email link, social media links and a link to their Staff Profile. Staff Profile pages can include more information, sucha as credentials and biography.

Your Cadenza website includes all three Staff Page Tempates on your Staff page. You will need to select one template for your site and remove the other two. by directly editing your Staff page.

See examples of all three Staff Page Templates below.

To select a Staff List Template for your Staff page, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Pages > All Pages
  2. Locate your Staff page. Hover over the Staff page name and click the Edit link
  3. Cadenza Staff Page Templates are embedded into your Staff page via WordPress “shortcode”. A shortcode is a bracketed string of code that embeds content into a post or page. Each Staff Page Template is represented by a unique shortcode:

    Staff List [abcf-staff-list id=”93″]

    Staff Grid A [abcf-staff-grid-a id=”128″]

    Staff Grid B [abcf-staff-grid-b id=”129″]

  4. To select ONE Staff Page Template, remove EVERYTHING from your Staff page EXCEPT the bracketed short code for the Staff Page Template that you wish to use. For example, if you want to use the Staff Grid A template, then the only cod on your Staff page should be [abcf-staff-grid-a id=”128″].
  5. You may want to add a paragraph of text at the top of your page, introducing all of your Staff. You can add any other content to your Staff page, so long as your shortcode remains, which will display your staff members.
  6. You can use the Page Builder for your staff pages as well, to create a more custom layout.

Create your Own Staff Page Template

If you want to create your own custom Staff Page Template, consult the documentation that accompanies the plugin. For more information on creating your own Staff Page Template, navigate to Staff List > Admins-Help, or consult the plugin website at

Staff List Template

The Staff List Template is arranged to display the Staff Member’s photo on the left, and name, title, contact information and profile link on the right.

Staff Grid A

The Staff Grid A Template is a three column layout, that displays the Staff Member’s photo above their contact information and profile link.

Staff Grid B

The Staff Grid B Template is similar to the Staff List layout, except in a two column format.