If you have solicited sponsorship from supporters or local businesses, you can easily place their logos anywhere within your website, but especially on your homepage and/or your sponsors page. Some Cadenza Themes have a Sponsors Logo block already reserved, but if your theme does not, you can easily add the same logo blocks by using the Page Builder and Saved Rows actions.

Sponsors logos on these themes and in the Saved Rows use Page Builder Content Modules. These modules simply create multiple rows and columns, that contain the sponsor logo images. Images can link to a sponsor’s website or email address, or just be used for display, to reward their support of your organization.

Sponsor Logo Files

In order to display sponsor logos, you will need an image file. Either your sponsor will need to provide one, or you’ll need to create one for them. With permission, you may be able to copy the image from their website or social media networks as well.

Logos come in all shapes and sizes – some tall, some wide, and some square – and can be tricky to uniformly group together. However you receive your logo files, you will likely need make edits to the images to get all of them a similar size. Resize images prior to adding them to your Media Library if you can, or import them, then resize or crop using the built-in WordPress image editing tools.

Color or Monochrome Logos

Use sponsor logos in full color, or reduce to monochrome/greyscale versions for a more uniform look. You can recolor artwork prior to adding to your Media Library, or use the Page Builder Module to reduce your images to greyscale.

Using greyscale only images can give a more uniform look to your sponsors area, but using full color, with other logos, can be equally visually appealing.