After you’ve posted a Poll on your Cadenza website, and people have taken it, you can view the Results in your Dashboard! This is not the same as the Form Entries. Form Entries show a table of all Poll Takers with their Form data, Poll answers and statistics

Poll Results, capture all entries and analyzes the combined results, giving you a picture of how well all respondents performed on your Poll.

  • Question & Answer Frequencies – displays a graph for each question and how often each answer was selected, showing you which answer was selected least, most, and all answers between.

Results Filters

  • View – Select how you would like the sales data to be displayed: Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Filters – Narrow the results by adding filters. Note that some field types support more options than others
  • Date Range – Date Range is optional, if no date range is specified it will be ignored. Click in the fields to activate the date pickers